Personal Injury Lawyer explains Ryan Dunn's Fatal Accident & PA Dram Shop Law

Michael L. Saile, Jr.
Car Accident Attorney in Bucks County Pennsylvania
Ryan Dunn Fatal Accident and Pennsylvania's Dram Shop Law

Bucks County personal injury lawyer, Michael L. Saile, Jr., discusses the recent fatal Pennsylvania accident involving Jackass TV star, Ryan Dunn and his passenger. The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC offer condolences to the Ryan Dunn and his passenger's family and friends.

While driving home from a West Chester, PA bar, Ryan Dunn's Porsche left the road the plowed into a wooded area killing both Mr. Dunn and his passenger. It was reported by the investigating police officers that Mr. Dunn's blood alcohol level (BAC) was over twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania's Dram Shop Law

In Pennsylvania, a liquor serving establishment may not serve a patron who is visibility intoxicated. If a bar does serve someone who is visibly intoxicated, the bar may be held responsible if the intoxicated person causes damages to other persons or property.

In Ryan Dunn's case, there was a photo of him drinking that was posted to his Twitter page prior to his fatal accident. In order to prove a Pennsylvania Dram Shop legal action against the West Chester bar, there would have be witness testimony presented in court to convince a judge or jury that the bartender continued to serve Mr. Dunn alcohol when Dunn showed outward signs of being drunk. If witnesses cannot credibly testify of Mr. Dunn's outward signs of intoxication, then the bar will not be held responsible for the fatal Pennsylvania accident.

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