What are the chances that my personal injury case settles?

An injured car accident victim, truck accident victim, or motorcycle accident victim wants to recover fair compensation for his or her injuries as soon as possible.  Most if not all personal injury cases involve insurance and insurance companies.  Insurance companies make money by:

  • 1. Paying the minimum amount to eliminate a claim.
  • 2. Not paying any amount for as long as possible.

Insurance companies' business interests are the exact opposite of a personal injury victim's interests.  Insurance companies do not care that you are out of work, in severe pain, have medical bills mounting, or that you may be losing your family home.  Most insurance companies will do whatever possible to reduce or eliminate your personal injury claim.

With that said, an experienced personal injury lawyer can convince insurance companies that you do have a valid claim.  In fact there is a high chance that your case will settle before trial.  There is a decent chance that your case will even settle before filing a lawsuit.  In most New Jersey and Pennsylvania personal injury cases a lawsuit must be filed within 2 years of the accident.

An injured victim has two goals:

  • 1. Recover medically from the injuries.
  • 2. Recover financially from the injuries.

It has been proven that injured victims with personal injury lawyers recover more money than injured persons alone.  The short answer to this question is that there IS a good chance that your case will settle within two years of the accident.  The timing of the settlement depends on the facts of the case, the severity of the injuries and disability, the injured victim, and of course the insurance company.  Contact an experienced Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Mercer County personal injury lawyer for help with settling your injury case.

Michael L. Saile, Jr.
Car Accident Attorney in Bucks County Pennsylvania