How long does it take to reach a claim settlement?

A lot of claimants want to know how long their claim may take to settle, but the time it takes to reach a personal injury settlement is highly dependent on the facts of the case and can vary greatly. Settlement proceedings can be resolved in a matter of a few days to several months or even longer. Claimants can discuss their cases with a personal injury attorney in PA for help estimating how long their Doylestown case may last.

Stages Preceding a Personal Injury Settlement

One of the most important stages of the personal injury settlement process is determining the full extent of someone’s injuries or waiting for the person to recover. Negotiations may not begin until one of these points has been reached so a more accurate prognosis of the condition and future injury costs can be determined.

Once a case has been settled, there is no chance of receiving more money if it turns out that additional treatment or procedures are necessary. This is why insurance companies usually try to get the person to settle the claim as quickly as possible.

Even after reaching the point of fully realizing the extent of injuries, all evidence will need to be collected and presented. The gathering of documentation, paperwork and records may take some time in serious cases and can influence how long the claim takes to settle.

Documentation will include collecting medical/hospital bills, receipts, proof of lost earnings and other information that explains the losses suffered. A personal injury attorney in PA can help Doylestown claimants not only verify the actual costs incurred or the amount of money lost, but also can examine other damages that may also be factored into the personal injury settlement.

Disabling or life-threatening injuries might entitle the person to compensation for pain and suffering, disfigurement, permanent disability, reduced quality of life, mental anguish, and more. It is critical that all damages are considered when submitting to the insurance company the expected settlement.

Once this information has been submitted, it will need to be reviewed by the insurance company, which can influence how long the claim takes. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or longer in some cases. The insurance company may need to be contacted to see how the claims review process is coming along.

Then negotiations may begin between the insurance company and the claimant and his/her personal injury attorney in Doylestown. The insurance company either will accept reject the proposed settlement. If it is not accepted, it will offer another amount. This can go back and forth for some time and can be a major influence on how long the claim takes. It just depends on the issues surrounding the case.

In some cases, litigation becomes necessary if a fair personal injury settlement cannot be reached with the insurance company. But even before a case actually goes to trial, the personal injury attorney in PA still may try to settle the Doylestown case.

Obtaining Legal Counsel with a Personal Injury Attorney in PA for a Doylestown Claim

Accepting an offer without talking to an attorney can be risky, especially if the injuries are long-term or permanent. Saile & Saile LLP has handled personal injury settlements and can evaluate the details of a case and provide an estimate on how much it may be worth and how long the claim may take. 

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